Storefront Image Optimization Service

Price: $500.00

Over time, more and more images are uploaded for your online store . It would be tolerable to pay for growing storage needs if you always needed all of the images, but products come and products go, and the accumulation of 'old images' impacts the cost and performance of hosting your site.

Furthermore, the images that you do want to keep would benefit from resizing, cropping and/or compressing.

For this reason, we have created a packaged service that we call 'image optimization'.

We begin by backing everything up, so that you don't have to worry about a later change of heart. After that, we gain an understanding from you of what constitutes 'unwanted' images and we carry out some processes to cull your image libraries. (We will put main focus on the image folders that are primarily used by your storefront - large, medium and icon-sized product images.) Once the quantity of images is under control, then we shift our attention to the quality of the remaining images and we look at image load times. Where we can make a difference to the quality/speed, we will invest enough time to showcase the value and then quote separately for extending the image compression throughout your entire image library.